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Trade Only

Cheques payable to Three-Sixty.

Trade prices are exclusive of VAT. Recommended Retail Prices are inclusive of VAT.

Carriage & handling free of charge on all orders within UK.

Cold chain products are non-returnable.

Medicinal products may require delayed despatch due to MHRA transport stipulations. 

Credit cannot be given for medicinal products (P/POM/GSL) where the returned goods will not reach our warehouse within five calendar days of when they were despatched.

All invoices to be settled in full strictly by 25th of month following invoice date.

If an account becomes overdue, interest @ 2% per month will be added to the debt.

Action will be taken to recover and any related costs and fees will be added to the debt.

Title to any goods ordered shall not pass to the customer until the customer has settled all sums due to us whether in respect thereof or otherwise.

Prices subject to alteration without notice.

Goods returned for credit only with prior approval.

MHRA Wholesale Dealers Authorisation WDA(H)4263.