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Here’s what our customers say:

"...thoroughly impressed!!  I appreciate your speedy response time and I know we will be back to order more very soon"
Ologic Limited

"Service is very efficient... thank you"
Chapman & Myers

"Always extremely professional in dealing with customers. Service is excellent, we wouldn’t deal with anyone else!"
Martin Haynes Opticians

"Really fast delivery"
I R McGarvey Opticians

"Fast, friendly service"
Peel & Gudgin

"Nothing too much trouble"
RT Booth & Co

"Always a pleasure to deal with"
Leighton’s Opticians

"Excellent service. On time. Always."
David Singh Visioncare

"Polite, pleasant, prompt"
Michael Barfield Opticians

"Call back straight away if you ask to query anything. No quibble when sending stock back."

"Pleasant telephone manner"
Juul & Payne

"Brilliant customer service, always!"
Pybus Opticians

"I must admit... it's nice to do business with you!"
Howie & Tickner

"The service is very prompt and everybody's always polite!"

"We're perfectly happy, that's why we keep using you!"
C R Williams

"Everything's spot on!"
Gardner & Allen

"One of the best company's there is to deal with; three-sixty is actually a very, very switched-on company"
Corry & Christie

"Very, very efficient"
Boots Opticians

"Lovely place to phone up and place orders; when you can't pronounce the names of some things you don't feel stupid!"
Scott Gilmour Optometrists

"We want to stay with you because your service is impeccable!"
Phillips & Edgworth Opticians