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More than 1,000 spectacles have been handed out to people in Africa by a UK-based eyesight charity, with support from one of the UK’s leading professional eyecare suppliers.

Members from Precious Sight Foundation were in Nigeria and Ghana last month as part of its commitment to preventing the unnecessary loss of sight of people in developing countries.

Precious_SightThe charity, headed by Ade and Biyi Adewumi, was provided with 600 spectacle case cloths by Three-Sixty based in Newtown, Powys, to distribute with spectacles and cases they were handing out to people while on the mission.

“Our mission is to cut the number of people losing their sight unnecessarily in third world countries such as Nigeria and the Gambia,” said Biyi.

“We were very pleased to be provided with the spectacle cloths from Three-Sixty which were handed out with the donated spectacles while we were on the mission last month.”

The spectacles, cases and cloths were handed out during outreaches in the countries where people could have their eyes tested and receive the donated spectacles from the charity.

Peter Simpson, General Manager at Three-Sixty, which provides eyecare and eyewear supplies to opticians and eyecare specialists in the UK, said they were pleased to be helping the charity with its work.

“When Precious Sight mentioned what they were doing we were keen to be involved and offered the spectacle cloths to ensure the donated spectacles can be cleaned carefully by their recipients,” he said.

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