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The importance of maintaining clean and hygienic soft contact lenses is imperative for any user, as opticians will always tell their patients.

Quite often some users are not aware of the potential health hazards caused by failing to maintain a good cleaning habit and that’s something we are aware of at Three-Sixty as suppliers to opticians throughout the UK who we talk to regularly.

Eye infections that could lead to more severe issues are among some of the issues. This can be due to:

• Poor handling
• Inadequate cleaning
• Build-up of harmful micro-organisms

hyamoist-360-group_1We launched hyamoist with a natural lubricant that makes wearing soft contact lenses easier, but also contains a double disinfecting system that prevents the build-up of protein and lipids and destroys harmful micro-organisms.

While hyamoist will ensure soft contact lenses are clean and hygienic, it is still vitally important for the user to prepare and care for the lenses with the product carefully.

If you’re an optician advising customers on the best way to clean and care for their soft contact lenses, here are some tips we advise:

• Make sure hands are washed and dried before removing a lens from an eye
• Place the lens into the palm of the hand, apply a few drops of hyamoist to the lens and carefully rub over the kens for 10 to 15 seconds.
• Rinse the lens with hyamoist and place into one of the three cases that are supplied with each pack of hyamoist
• Repeat the process with the other lens
• Fill the lens case with hyamoist and leave for at least six hours. Proteins, germs and lipids will be removed from the surface of the lenses
• Remove the lenses from the lens cases after the disinfecting cycle, rinse with hyamoist and insert the lenses into the eyes
• Rinse the lens case with hyamoist and leave to dry

These simple steps can help ensure a customer will maintain clean and hygienic soft contact lenses while having healthy and fresh eyes.

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