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There are several reasons why its vitally important that contact lens users ensure they handle and clean their lenses carefully and hygienically.

The first is to prevent serious eye infection. If contact lenses are not handled or cleaned properly or correctly, it can lead to a range of conditions from minor eye irritation to more serious infections.

hyamoist-360-group_1This includes storing contact lenses in cases that have been cleaned and disinfected.

This ensures germs present on the lenses or in the cases are killed, reducing the risk of injection.

There are a range of contact lens solutions that help users ensure they prevent eye infections. But no matter what product is used, its imperative they handle and cleans the lens correctly.

Hyamoist is one such product that opticians and contact lens users recommend.

Hyamoist uses a natural lubricant, Sodium Hyaluronate, to make life easier for users, particularly those with sensitive eyes.

But how should contact lens users ensure they undertake cleaning and disinfection correctly to avoid infections or irritation?

Heres how you should care for and clean your contact lenses using Hyamoist:

    Make sure your hands are washed and dried before removing your lens.

    Place the lens in the palm of your hand, apply a few drops of Hyamoist to the lens and carefully rub over the lens for 10 to 15 seconds.

    Rinse the lens with Hyamoist and place it in the case provided (there are three cases provide with the product for three months use).

    Repeat the process with the other lens.

    Fill the lens case with Hyamoist and leave for at least six hours. Proteins, germs and lipids will be removed from the surface of the lenses.

    Remove the lenses from the lens cases after the disinfecting cycle, rinse with Hyamoist and insert the lenses into your eyes.

    Rinse the lens case with Hyamoist and leave to dry, placing it upside down on a tissue if necessary.

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