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With more than three million people in the UK wearing contact lenses, it’s not surprising that many of them will admit to not cleaning them correctly or following the care instructions adequately.

A recent survey in the United States found that out of the 40 million contact lens users there, 90 per cent admitted they didn’t follow the care instructions.

The same figure could well be the case in the UK.

hyamoist_360_groupMore importantly, many users do not necessarily realise the potential damage they can cause to their eyesight and health by failing to handle, clean or maintain their contact lenses.

Whether rinsing their reusable lenses under tap water or just handling them incorrectly, anything from irritable eyes to more serious and painful conditions can be caused.

Here at Three-Sixty, we work with opticians and ophthalmic specialists to supply a range of eye care and eyewear products to help their clients and patients maintain healthy eyes while using contact lenses.

Everything from cleaning hands with anti-bacterial cleanser when handling the lenses, to cleaning solutions for when the lenses are being stored before re-use.

“Good hygiene is imperative when handling contact lenses. A user must ensure they have clean hands to avoid contaminating a lens; have cleaned the lenses themselves thoroughly with a solution; and even ensured the container the lenses are stored in is completely clean,” said Owen from Three-Sixty.

Some basic ways to avoid eye infections are:

•    Wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before handling a lens.

o    Use Purific® hand sanitiser which kills 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria

•    Disinfect your contact lenses in their storage case each time they’ve been used

o    For example, use products such as hyamoist® all-in-one solution

•    Ensure the lens container is cleaned and disinfected after and before each use

o    hyamoist® all-in-one is perfect for cleaning lenses and disinfecting their containers and cases

•    Never re-use solutions once used. Always have a fresh supply at hand.

•    Talk to your optician about best practices for lens use and talk to them immediately at the sign of any eye irritation

If you’re an optician or ophthalmic specialist, visit for a complete range of supplies. If you’re a consumer, visit your local optician who will supply a range of products for your eyecare and eyehealth. Or ask them to stock your preferred product, such as hyamoist or Purific.