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Do you have active or sporting patients and customers? Quite often contact lens and spectacle users who enjoy such activities will often want specific eyecare and eyewear products that help them enjoy their pastimes to the full.

They could be runners, cyclists, footballers, climbers or walkers. The hobby or sport they enjoy will impact on their eyecare or eyewear requirements in some way or another.

safe_imageEven if they don't request help for their optical needs linked to their hobby or sport, it's not a bad practice asking them what they do to see if might need specific advice or products.

Many sportsmen and women might use glasses or shades as part of their activity.

Let's take cyclists. Many might not use or need spectacles, but they will use shades to protect their eyes from debris, insects or as sunglasses.

Even golfers wear eye protection or shades.

In many cases such eyewear is prone to fogging up or becoming dirty.

This is the same case for people going skiing, running, golfing or where they use eyewear that is subject to dirt, rain, sweat and steam.

That's where Calosport, supplied by Three-Sixty, can help. It ensures clear vision throughout the duration of sports activities with its anti-static and anti-fog formula.

With more and more people taking up active sports and where they use spectacles of shades, there is always a need for such a product to ensure they have clear vision at all times. It also acts as a cleaner.

Calosport can also deal with residue, grease, grime, marks and stains and is also safe to use on all types of glasses and shades.

It is available in a handy 25ml spray, a larger 250ml spray and a 500ml refill.

So when you're dealing with a customer, why not ask about their hobbies and interests as part of your discussion and see if Calosport could be of use.

As one of the leading UK suppliers of optic products and accessories to opticians, ophthalmic specialists and eyecare and eyewear retailers, the Three-Sixty team can discuss your needs.

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