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The General Optical Council is warning people to look after their eyes by only purchasing cosmetic eye lenses from opticians.

In recent years there has been a craze to change the look of eyes as part of parties and Halloween fancy dress for themed parties and nights out.

Cosmetic_lensesBut the General Optic Council (GOC) is warning people not to buy cosmetic lenses from party shops and other outlets as there is a danger such lenses can permanently damage the wearers eyes.

As part of its "Loveyourlenses" campaign, it is urging people to buy their lenses from opticians who have such products for sale and are selling professional and safe lenses.

A GOC statement says: "Whether it’s to provide the finishing touches to a fancy dress costume or to make your eye colour match a favourite outfit, cosmetic or ‘zero-powered’ lenses can transform the way you look.

"Cosmetic lenses don’t change your eyesight and so you don’t need a prescription to buy them. However, by law, they should still only be sold under the supervision of a registered optician or doctor who will make sure they fit properly and explain how to wear and care for them.

"Although cosmetic (or non-prescription lenses) are widely available online and on the high street from hairdressers, tattoo parlours and nail bars, it is illegal to sell these lenses without the direct supervision of an eyecare expert.

"Used safely, the risks with cosmetic contact lenses are low. But not everyone knows how to use lenses safely. Just because they’re a fashion item doesn’t mean they don’t need to be treated with just as much love and respect as contact lenses that improve eyesight.

"If you wear contact lenses for any reason, don’t lose sight of your optician. If you’ve not had your eyes checked by a registered optician in the last 12 months, book an appointment today."