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We're right in the middle of the ski season and if you or one of your customers is heading to the slopes you might want to think about some essential kit to help you see clearly.

If there's one thing that's important when skiing, it's being able to see clearly where you're heading.

calosport_25ml_1When talking to one of your customers at your optician's practice it's worth asking if they are heading on a ski holiday and to provide advice on the best eyewear for the slopes.

Goggles and sunglasses not only prevent glare and the sun, they also protect the eyes from any snow or debris.

They can also get dirty as a result and often fog up.

Whether you've just put them on at the start of the day, or taken them off for a break or some apres ski putting them back on can often result in them fogging up.

One way to prevent this and ensure a clear vision throughout a day's skiing is to use a good anti-fog spray.

Calosport is one such product available that has an anti-fog and antistatic formula.

It also removes stubborn residue and grime.

The handy 25ml sprays are great to fit into a pocket or rucksack; perfect for skiing as well as other outdoor sports and activities, including cycling and golf.

There are also 500ml and 5litre refills available.

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