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Good hygiene is an important part of eyecare, both for the optician, practice staff and the customer.

Whether it’s handling contact lenses or ensuring areas around an optician's or eye specialist's practice are clear of potentially infectious bacteria, having the tools to keep them clean and clear of bacteria and other infectious risks is vitally important.

Purific_Capture_WebHaving a handy and natural sanitiser to hand in each situation can ensure the risk of infection is minimised.

That’s where Purific®, a natural sanitising water and hand sanitiser, is ideal. Whether in the practice or for sale to customers for when they’re out and about.

Peter Simpson, General Manager of Three-Sixty, one of the UK’s leading suppliers and wholesalers of eyecare and eyewear to opticians and ophthalmic professionals, said: “What makes Purific® special is that it has no harmful chemicals, fragrances or preservatives and still ensures 99.9 per cent of bacteria and germs are eradicated - naturally.

“So for an optician’s customer, it means they can carry a small handy 50ml spray for everyday sanitising use or for when they are changing there contact lenses. This prevent any germs from the hands cross contaminating on to the lenses - which could cause potential issues of the user and their eyes.”

For in-practice use the larger 500ml spray is perfect. Surfaces and equipment can be sprayed and wiped easily, without any odours.

"At the moment, anyone purchasing a 10x50ml pack of Purific® receives a free 500ml spray."

So if you’re selling Purific to eyewear customers, ordering a pack means you’ll get the larger spray for the practice.

So what are the benefits of Purific®?

• Suitable for contact lens cases, work surfaces, equipment, hands and more 

• Alcohol free 

• Contains no harmful chemicals, fragrances or

• No need to wipe or rinse, leaving no smears 

• Virtually odourless 

• Can be safely used (from birth) 

• Safe on items that contact the mouth and food 

• Safe as water and as gentle on sensitive skin 

• Safe for unsupervised use by children

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